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  KTP at "Make a Wish" Guam

On March 23 our own Kite Team Philippines made the trip to Guam for a very special kiting event. "Kites and Wishes" was intended to help kick-start kiting on the American Territory of Guam. The event was also designed to raise the profile of Make a Wish -- the organization that grants special favors to children with a life-threatening illness.

More info here:

Lloyd and Omar of Kite Team Philippines exchange some words with kiting legend Ray Bethell

  Jumping - Lesson 1 March 25, 2005
Just wanted to share with you guys the first lesson I learnt today about jumping - BEND YOUR KNEES when landing! I landed on one straight leg, hobbled home and am now in great pain :-( Had a blast though today - good strong winds, which is why I was jumping with the Flexifoils.
Just to repeat
Lesson Number 1 - BEND YOUR KNEES


Peter and his 3 stack of Flexifoil Super 10s

  Freestyle World Cup 2005

From Roger Tessa Gambassi (R-Sky)


After almost two years of talk, meeting and work, this is done!

Four years of competitions and following few rounds of Tricks Party, in collaboration with the Office tourism of Cap d’Agde city in south of France, the first Freestyle World Cup will take place.

More than fifteen countries and a hundred competitors will meet on the beach of Mail de Rochelongue, from the May 5th, 2005 to the 8th from this event.

The competition format is already known, timing is set and staff is ready for these three rounds of individual, pair and team categories.

We hope to see lots of you on this event. Come to support your pilots and your country, to support stunt kiting!

In parallel, single line kite flying are scheduled, the unavoidable Awita and Eolia will come to fill the sky and on the beach Jean-Paul Richon will create a labyrinthic scenery with his 2 000 petals and aeolian mobiles. Downtown, demonstration of urban flying will be performed by the best pilots.

Tv, radios and written press will be present for this Freestyle World Cup from the May 5th, 2005 to the 8th. Do not miss this event! No excuses are accepted!


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