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Chester's Lab

Here you can find out more about our very own "mad scientist" and his homemade creations.

Phoenix REV

I've been working on a fullsize REV II from materials coming from Peter's Delta Comp SkyMaster. Thanks again Peter!  When this is done, most will be recycled except the vent screen, the gray part of the sail and the thread to be used to stitch it together. Here's a sneak peak to the flight of the phoenix! I've retained the logo name of the previous delta  to honor the kite's previous owner. hehehe!

Quad Handles
Check out my new pairs of quadline handles! Attention Bam Bam! PVC pipes, bike foam handles, PVC end caps. I used my brother's hot gun to bend it.
Mini REV

Carbon fiber spars and ripstop nylon sail. It's about 2.5ft wide. You'll be surprised with what I used as fittings... pieces of a clothes hanger! hehehehe! Turned out it's light and durable. I've yet to test it... In fact I've yet to stitch it! Only used double sided tape to join the pieces of fabric! It kinda made it easy for me. It only took me 6 hrs to make it (the Nasawing took me the entire day!). 


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