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Fort Bonifacio

Located in Taguig, Fort Bonifacio Global City is Metro Manila's hotspot for outdoor sports and weekend family activities. Because of it's wide open area and grass covered fields, it's perfect for kite flying. Just walking distance from the flying field you can find a nice assortment of bars, restaurants and foodshops at the Fort Strip. And best of all, parking is plentiful, free of charge, and hassle-free!  

Want to become a member of the FBSKC?

Just come to the Fort and fly sport kites with us! You can usually catch the group on Saturdays and Sundays between 3pm and 6pm. Some members even fly during the week to avoid crashing into other kites or people while perfecting their flyiing skills. Feel free to approach any of the FBSKC Pilots you see flying at The Fort. Kite flyers are a friendly bunch and are always eager to answer questions and welcome anyone new to the sport. And if the wind conditions are right, you might even get a free lesson!

Need help finding a Sport Kite?

Visit our Links section and browse through our favorite online kite shops! Find the best deals that suit your skill-level and budget. Can't decide? Write us an email and we'll help pick the right kite for you! Short on cash? We'll help you locate bargain beginner sport kites right here in Metro Manila! And if you're really interested, some of our members may even build you a custom sport kite! Check out the Sport Kite Builder section to see Chester's homemade kite designs.

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