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Safety Tips

The speed and power that make sport kites so much fun make them dangerous as well. Any kite line can be hazardous, but sport kite lines are thinner, stronger, and move at high speeds close to the ground. If someone wanders into your flying range, land your kite immediately. Tell onlookers to stand behind you, the safest place to watch. Most people have no idea that a kite or its line could harm them.

Don't fly your sport kites in so much wind that you can't control it. Some kites generate tremendous pull, even in moderate winds. Never fly near overhead lines, in stormy weather or with wet lines. Many sport kites have conductive graphite spars. If your kite shorts out a power line, you may be responsible for the damages, but don't try to remove a kite from overhead lines yourself! Contact your utility company for assistance.

NEVER FLY OVER PEOPLE. Don't show off! Always consider the safety of spectators. NEVER FLY NEAR TREES OR BUILDINGS. They will only cause air turbulence and make it more difficult to fly. NEVER FLY NEAR THE AIRPORT. The FAA prohibits kite flying within 3 miles of an airport.
NEVER FLY IN RAIN OR THUNDERSTORMS. Wet flylines will conduct electricity.

NEVER FLY NEAR BUSY STREETS OR ROADWAYS. A kite that crash lands across a busy street can cause a serious accident.

NEVER FLY NEAR POWER LINES. If your kite should get tangled in a line, call your power company for assistance.

0-5 mph - Light Breeze Wind felt on face, leaves rustle. (Large Deltas)
6-10 mph - Gentle Breeze Leaves and small twigs in constant motion, wind extends light flag. (Deltas, Dragons, Big Wing Stunters)
11-15 mph - Moderate Breeze Raises dust and loose paper, small branches move. (Diamonds, Parafoils, Soft Foils)
16-20 mph - Fresh Breeze Small leafed trees begin to sway: crested wavelets form on inland waters. (Small Stunt Kites)
21 mph+ - Strong Breeze Large branches move: umbrellas difficult to control. (We do not recommend flying in winds stronger than 21 mph).



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