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Hello and welcome to the Fort Bonifacio Sport Kite Community. Here you can find information about sport kite flying in Manila, local pilots, and upcoming kite flying festivals and events.

Dual-Line Freestyle & Precision

Dual-line delta sport kites put you in control of the action! These kites allow the pilot to perform daring ground passes, acrobatic stunts, loops, and dives. The latest space-age technology provide durability, wind range, and enable top speeds of over 50mph! Catch Lloyd and Omar of the Kite Team Philippines perform synchronized team ballet demonstrations. If you fancy freestyle, sit back and watch Kevin perform impossible slack-line trick maneuvers.

Quad-Line Power & Extreme

Need a good work-out? Harness the power of the wind and play with the big boys. Have Peter, Bam Bam, BG, and Chester show you a thing or two about quad-line traction foils and Revolution sport wings. Wanna push the limits? Let our resident "Power-Junkie" Rodel show you what it takes to be an extreme kite flyer as he gets mobile on landboards and buggies.  

Curious about Sport Kite Flying?

Feel free to approach any of the FBSKC pilots you see flying at The Fort. Kite flyers are a friendly bunch and are always eager to answer questions and welcome anyone new to the sport. And if the wind conditions are right, you might even get a free lesson!

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Need help finding a Sport Kite?

Visit our Links section and browse through our favorite online kite shops! Find the best deals that suit your skill-level and budget. Can't decide? Write us an email and we'll help pick the right kite for you! Short on cash? We'll help you locate bargain beginner sport kites right here in Metro Manila! And if you're really interested, some of our members may even build you a custom sport kite! Visit our SKB section for a glimpse into Chester's Kite Lab.

Flying Field

Located in Fort Bonifacio Global City, our flying field is the sole kite-flying oasis here in Metro Manila. For a map and directions, visit the Join Us section. To find out about upcoming events and flying schedules, visit the News & Pilots sections.

Manila Weather Conditions

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